© André's Allies 2005


Since the Diagnosis (#1A)

front: Since the Diagnosis has begun you have
given us the strength the courage to carry on.
The love, the laugh, to hold us through each day,
each hour we think of you.

inside: In loving prayer and support


© André's Allies 2005



May the Memories (#2B)

front: May the memories fill your heart

inside: and carry you through till tomorrow


© André's Allies 2005




As Days Go By (#3C)

front: As days go by, weeks come and go...

inside: thinking of you today and always


© André's Allies 2005




Circle of Family & Friends (#4D)

front: The circle of family and friends

inside: today, tomorrow, always


© André's Allies 2005



Made a Wish (#5E)

front: I made a wish today...

inside: for an on-going recovery


© André's Allies 2005




Don't Know (#6F)

front: I don't know the pain, the loneliness, or the frustration you are going through

inside: but I am here for you today and always


© André's Allies 2005



Letting Go (#7G)

front: Love means letting go...

inside: knowing you'll be together once again
(inside photo: two birds over water)

© André's Allies 2005



Good Health (#8H)

front: To good health

inside: blank

© André's Allies 2005



Thought Bubbles (#9I)

front: Thinking of you

inside: Wishing you strength, courage and peace

© André's Allies 2005



Live with Cancer (#10J)

front: To live with cancer...

inside: is to live with the love and support of those around you (with compass shown below)


© André's Allies 2005



Take Time (#11K)

front: Take time for yourself

inside: You are so important

© André's Allies 2005



Journey (#12L)

front: As you travel along this journey...

inside: know that I am here for you



All cards are $3 each or a pack of 5 for $12.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support the fight against cancer.
For a list of current partners and organizations, please see events page.